We’re local foodie’s with a global view

“People should think less about what they ought to do and more about what they ought to be. If only their being were good, their works would shine forth brightly.” – Meister Eckhart

Natick Farmers Market - Freitas Farm

So a few of us are working together to get ready for a ‘rolling’ public launch of Peace Dinners (really a series of little celebrations).  I’ve been so encouraged to see you all support the idea and vision of Peace Dinners by inviting friends and freely offering your time, talents, and money.  In the process we’re discovering Peace Dinners is a bit of a confusing thought:  local grown and healthy ingredients, but ever changing menu from global cultures.  So celebrating personal and community health is a common denominator, but like a gem with many sides there’s local farmers, immigrants, post-generational immigrants (that’s the rest of us), dance programs, celebration dinners…and celebration of global food, music, dance, and culture.  And a question lingers: how can we as individuals living in diverse community celebrate more fully…that, while living our busy fast paced lives!

So the menu over the last few weeks highlight the split personality we face:  root veggies from Freitas Farm in Middleboro (run by David a 3rd generation farmer…and a really nice guy); and local New England tomatoes from Long Wind Farm, VT (local greenhouse tomatoes this time of year, and that’s a separate conversation)….while offering menu items from Ethiopia, America, Bangladesh, Middle-east and Mediterranean countries.  And delivering to people originally born in Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia, and America.

Similarly, I’m convinced that it will take a global community in pluralistic dialog to overcome the significant stressors that affect our world…and yet local community is obviously a part of the solution.  So we simply hope to be helpful to our own local community by offering ways for each of us to experience global community right here…and perhaps help each of us discover ‘what we ought to be’…and then what we ought to do ‘may shine forth brightly’ as a natural outcome!

I thought this trailer for the movie The Economics of Happiness is helpful in thinking about reasons for making time for diverse community.  Not all of the assumptions made in the trailer seem generally agreed, but stopping to ask the question ‘what makes us deeply happy?’ and ‘how can we best achieve it…for now and the long term?’ are definitely worth asking.

And the trailer seems to be subtly saying that a global solution developed and agreed together is required.  And I don’t think that means just the ‘experts.’  I’ve discovered that the local movement in this area is comprised of lots of ordinary (and smart) people choosing to take risks with their lives and careers to improve their community…and their own lives.  Its inspiring…and offers me a glimpse of a hopeful solution for the global challenges highlighted in the movie trailer!


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